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Powerful New Features in ConstructionOnline Calendars

ConstructionOnline Adds Smarter Innovations

November 3, 2014

ConstructionOnline has added new powerful features for calendars and events, including advanced recurring options with the ability to choose frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly), specific day of the week or month, and more.

Repeating Events in Calendars

Creating new events in Calendars is still the same easy process that it has been, but now it includes an added bonus: repeating events.

Repeating events provide even more customization options, giving you the ability to:

  • Choose the frequency of the event (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • Choose the number of weeks or months between the event occurrences
  • Choose the specific day of the week or month to have the event occur
  • Delete single event occurrences
  • Delete all future events in a repeating thread

Setting up very specific repeating events is a snap with just a few clicks. ConstructionOnline provides the easiest way to keep up with all the important happenings of a project no matter what the circumstances may be.

International Date Formatting

ConstructionOnline has always been about customization and adapting to fit your different needs. Another new element is the ability to change date formats. Date formats have always been dependent on the country of release, but now you have the ability to choose the best format for you and your business.

Schedule Smarter

Traffic lights are a new feature designed to enhance Scheduling. Another option for at a glance details, traffic lights provide a different way to color code for organization purposes. Since there are no preset designations for the traffic lights, they are completely customizable for you, giving you the freedom to utilize them however you like.

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