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UDA Announces Release of ConstructionSuite™ 13

UDA Technologies announced this week the release of ConstructionSuite™13, the latest version of UDA’s desktop construction project management software. Since the launch of ConstructionSuite in 2007, each new version has empowered tens of thousands of construction pros every year with powerful desktop tools for construction estimating, scheduling, job costing, contracts, specifications, and more. ConstructionSuite™13 continues to deliver the highest standard of construction project management with innovative enhancements & optimizations that best align with today’s modern technologies.

"At UDA Technologies, the success of the companies we work with is our primary focus, and system upgrades are a big part of consistently delivering best-in-class construction project management solutions. When we set out to plan for ConstructionSuite™ 13, the biggest factor we were looking at was the impending release of Windows 11, and I'm confident ConstructionSuite™ 13 aligns exceptionally well with Windows 11 to deliver fast, secure, modern construction management."
- Michael Stevens, President & CEO of UDA Technologies

Key Components of ConstructionSuite™ 13

Windows 11 Compatibility: 

ConstructionSuite™ 13 is the only version verified compatible with Windows 11, the latest version of Microsoft's computer operating system. Windows 11 will only be available for PCs that meet specific system requirements, and ConstructionSuite™ 13 has been designed with these specs as the foundation to ensure the best user experience - 

  •  64-bit Processor
  •  Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Security Chip, Version 2.0

Learn more about the system requirements for Windows 11 here

QuickBooks 2022 Compatibility:

Dedicated for the continued delivery of award-winning construction accounting integration, ConstructionSuite™ 13 offers verified compatibility with QuickBooks 2022, the latest version of the industry's #1 accounting software. Fully aligned with Windows 11 and ConstructionSuite™ 13, QuickBooks Desktop 2022 is also exclusively designed for PCs running 64-bit Windows.

Enhanced SuiteLink™ Connectivity for ConstructionOnline:

More than ever, construction pros are choosing UDA's web-based solution, ConstructionOnline, as their preferred project management platform (30 to 1). In support of this overall trend, ConstructionSuite™ 13 delivers an enhanced SuiteLink™ connection between ConstructionSuite & ConstructionOnline with faster data transfers, intelligent syncing automation, and optimized performance to best accommodate larger companies and construction teams.

Upgrading to ConstructionSuite™ 13:

  •  Companies upgrading to Windows 11 and/or QuickBooks 2022 will need to upgrade to ConstructionSuite™ 13
    •  Upgrades for current subscribers to UDA TotalCare Services are available, starting at $69.99 per month with a 12-month extension of the subscription to UDA TotalCare Services. 
    •  Upgrades to previous versions of ConstructionSuite - without active TotalCare - are available for $500 per license with a 12-month commitment to UDA TotalCare Services, starting at $99.99 per month. 
  •  ConstructionSuite™ 12 and older versions of ConstructionSuite are not compatible with Windows 11 and will only be accessible going forward on devices maintaining an older version of Windows. 
    •  UDA will continue to support ConstructionSuite™ 12 in such a manner for current TotalCare Members through December 31, 2023, at which time support for ConstructionSuite™ 12 will be discontinued. 
  •  All new licenses/leases of ConstructionSuite available for purchase will be for ConstructionSuite™ 13
    •  For successful multi-license networking, all licenses of ConstructionSuite must be on the same version. 
  •  ConstructionSuite™ 13 performs consistently on Windows 10 & Windows 11, so companies should feel confident completing the upgrade to ConstructionSuite™ 13 at any time. 

To learn more about ConstructionSuite™ 13 and available upgrade options, contact UDA Technologies at 1.800.700.7321

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