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UDA Debuts New Companies Tool to Facilitate Better Organization of Contacts

UDA Debuts New Companies Tool to Facilitate Better Organization of Contacts

AUBURN, ALABAMA – UDA Technologies recently announced the release of the brand-new Companies tool for ConstructionOnline™ 2023, empowering construction companies with more control & flexibility over their CRM and Contact Management processes. 

Located within Company Contacts, the highly-anticipated Companies tool provides ConstructionOnline™ Company Users with a designated space to create and store information related to the companies they regularly work with. Additionally, Company Users can create custom Contacts lists comprised of individuals who work for these respective Companies. 

ConstructionOnline™ provides two points of data entry within the Companies tool: an easy-to-use blade that opens from the right-side of the screen and ConstructionOnline’s first utilization of a dynamic table which allows users to perform inline edits on the Companies table itself. When creating and managing Companies, users will find many of the same fields they are already familiar with across ConstructionOnline as well as brand-new fields unique to the recently-released tool. 

Specifically, the Companies tool features ConstructionOnline’s newest Custom Field—Tags—which can be utilized to create custom labels that fit the individual needs of each construction company. ConstructionOnline Users can expect to see both dynamic tables and the new tagging system expanded across numerous ConstructionOnline™ features in the coming months.

“We are very excited for the new Companies tool, as well as the introduction of brand-new dynamic tables and the new tagging system for ConstructionOnline! With the new Companies tool, construction companies can better organize the construction pros they work with every day—contractors, vendors, suppliers, and more. Empowering our users with this new form of contact management demonstrates our goal of engineering innovative and modern software solutions for the ultimate success of construction professionals.”

- Holly Gipson, Director of Sales at UDA Technologies

The addition of the Companies tool to ConstructionOnline™ showcases UDA’s commitment to providing growing contractors with cutting-edge tools for their Contact Management & CRM needs. With intuitive tools engineered to streamline the organization of contacts, associated details, and all communication records, it’s clear why nearly one million construction pros worldwide trust ConstructionOnline™ as their construction management software provider. 

To learn more about Contact Management in ConstructionOnline™, contact a UDA Product Specialist today at 1-800-700-8321.