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UDA Technologies Offers On-Demand Remote Services

August 1, 2005

UDA Technologies has partnered with Citrix to offer advanced, web-based remote demonstration services. Conducted via screen-sharing technology, remote sessions allow potential and current ConstructionOffice users to communicate with a product expert during a live software demonstration. As a result of this new partnership, UDA Technologies now has the ability to provide remote demonstrations and support services for up to 250 clients simultaneously.

During an interactive demonstration, participants co-browse the ConstructionOffice system in real time with a product specialist. From their personal computers, attendees see ConstructionOffice in action and work hands-on with the software by having remote control over the presenter's desktop, keyboard, and mouse. With only an internet connection, users can participate in remote demonstrations on-demand.

"Being able to provide immediate, live, and personalized demonstrations of ConstructionOffice is revolutionizing the way we communicate with our customers," said Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies.

"Clients can enjoy a richer experience than a verbal description can provide - they can see ConstructionOffice in action, control it themselves, and ask questions throughout the session. In the same way that email transformed communication and the web changed business operations, remote demonstrations enable us to make a quantum leap in reaching our customers."

Beyond the demonstration capabilities of co-browsing sessions, current ConstructionOffice users have the added benefit of enhanced technical support. Screen-sharing technology allows customers to share their desktops with expert technicians, making support services even faster.

Commenting on the advanced technical support capabilities, Michael said that "providing fast and accurate support has always been a priority for us, and remote demonstrations increase our ability to continue meeting that goal. For our customers, less time spent on technical questions equals more time they can spend benefiting from ConstructionOffice."

UDA Technologies chose Citrix GoToMeeting for its ease of use and award-winning reputation. A worldwide leader in the IT industry, Citrix (NASDAQ: CTXS) customers include 100% of the Fortune 100, 99% of the Fortune 500, and 97% of the Fortune Global 500. Additionally, Citrix's GoToMeeting, cited for simplicity of use, extended feature set, and innovative design, has won numerous major awards. Among those awards are the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Award for Best New Web Conferencing Service, Laptop Magazine's "Editor's Choice Award", and PC Magazine's "Editors' Choice in Web Conferencing".

Customer response to the recent adaptation of co-browsing technology has been overwhelmingly positive, and UDA Technologies plans to continue expanding the implementation of Citrix GoToMeeting in the coming months.

For more information about ConstructionOffice, visit or call 1.800.700.8321. Free trials of Construction Office are available online.

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