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WIP Accounting: The Power to Build Better Decisions

March 11, 2015

Surging ahead of the competition once again, UDA Technologies brings WIP accounting to industry leading enterprise desktop software, ConstructionSuite™ 6. Work-in-progress accounting fine-tunes construction project management, delivering detailed monitoring that eliminates surprises and showcases where projects stand.

Powerful Progress Tracking

Abrupt changes during a project can interrupt and negatively impact progress. Developed with an emphasis on profitability, twenty-six fields track allocations and spending, overhead costs and remaining budget. WIP accounting provides the ability to see profitability and transparency earlier on in the project cycle, ensuring projects are on track from start all the way to finish.

Real Time Updates

Information is updated in real time, with graphs supplying accurate at-a-glance details through snapshots. Snapshot frequency can be customized to determine how often they are checked and updated, setting the baselines for WIP accounting and answering any and all questions about a project's financial status.

Better Decisions, Better Projects

WIP accounting is an invaluable tool for discovering the business practices that contribute to success-and the procedures that can be improved to increase profits. Supplying superior management abilities, ConstructionSuite™ 6 is the power to build better decisions.

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