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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Digital Signatures Now Available for Punch Lists in ConstructionOnline™

UDA Technologies announced this week the release of digital signatures on Punch Lists in ConstructionOnline™ 2019. Digital signatures are the latest feature to enhance already-powerful Punch List Management tools in ConstructionOnline™, joining other recent features like Punch List PhotoStream Views and aggregate Punch List Reports.

Topics: UDA ConstructionOnline

Win as a Team with New Company Scorecard in ConstructionOnline™

ConstructionOnline™ is excited to deliver a new productivity tracking tools in ConstructionOnline™ with the recently released Company Scorecard. Company Scorecard presents a comprehensive dashboard view which helps Company Employees track & compile program activity across ConstructionOnline™. By providing a high-level view of how users are engaging with the tools in ConstructionOnline™, Company Scorecard delivers data to support user accountability and system impact. 

Topics: UDA ConstructionOnline

The Best Just Got Better: New Update to ConstructionSuite™10 Now Available

This week, UDA Technologies released an update to the award-winning construction project management software, ConstructionSuite™ 10. As product demand continues to increase for ConstructionSuite™, consistent updates ensure the up-to-date functionality for all of UDA’s valued TotalCare Members.

Topics: UDA ConstructionSuite

What's New in ConstructionOnline™ - Summer 2019 Edition

Recently, UDA Technologies hosted a special webinar to review all the exciting new features & enhancements released to ConstructionOnline™ this summer. UDA Technologies continues to demonstrate the industry-leading innovation for which they are known, and this special webinar provided the perfect stage to share recent momentous progress.

Topics: UDA ConstructionOnline

UDA Academy Announces July Schedule of Events

UDA Technologies recently announced the schedule of upcoming webinar events for July 2019. Well-known for consistently providing 5-Star Customer Service & Support, UDA continues to uphold the company’s dedication to client success with special session webinars and regularly scheduled series.

Topics: UDA ConstructionOnline UDA ConstructionSuite UDA Academy

Build Successful Client Relationships with ConstructionOnline Client Portals

This month, UDA Technologies focused on improving builder-client relationships with multiple resources released to support exceptional client engagement through ConstructionOnline. Collaborative communication with clients, company employees, subcontractors, and vendors has remained a cornerstone of ConstructionOnline’s powerful feature set for over a decade, and UDA Technologies continues to deliver expert advice on the best applications to benefits builders & clients on every project.

Topics: UDA ConstructionOnline ClientLink

Access to ConstructionOnline™ Classic Expiring July 2019

UDA Technologies announced today that access to ConstructionOnline Classic will expire as of July 1, 2019. ConstructionOnline 2019 was released to all ConstructionOnline subscribers early in February 2019, following an exclusive pre-release to select subscribers in 2018. In support of a successful transition for legacy users, UDA Technologies provided access to ConstructionOnline Classic & ConstructionOnline 2019 for several months. The announcement that access would be discontinued was delivered alongside a personal message from UDA Founder & President, Michael Stevens:

Topics: UDA ConstructionOnline

New Reports Introduced in ConstructionOnline

UDA Technologies recently announced the introduction of additional new reports to ConstructionOnline 2019. For years, ConstructionOnline has provided professional, print-ready reports & documents that allow Company Employees to swiftly compile project data as needed, and ConstructionOnline’s newly added report options further expand these capabilities.

Topics: UDA ConstructionOnline

UDA Lunch & Learn Series Gains Popularity, New Sessions Announced

UDA Technologies debuted the Lunch & Learn with Holly and Ian webinar series during the first quarter of 2019, aiming to provide professional insight & expert guidance to support the success of UDA’s valued customers. The first 5 Lunch & Learn sessions were met with great success, leading UDA to announce 3 new Lunch & Learn sessions planned for the coming weeks. While the initial Lunch & Learn workshops focused on ConstructionOnline, the newly announced sessions will shift the series focus to ConstructionSuite 10. 

Topics: UDA ConstructionSuite UDA Academy

The Redline Revolution Continues: New Features Enhance Plan Management & Markup

Redline Planroom, UDA’s powerful plan management & mark-up toolkit, continues to exceed expectations across the industry, delivering revolutionary, plan-centric project management to builders around the world. The recent release of new features & enhancements to Redline Planroom include -   

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